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If we don't have your car of choice in stock, we can source the vehicle you are looking for, given your chosen model and budget.



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We are a local family business, which has developed over the years, an excellent reputation for offering fine quality, used cars at fair and affordable prices.

All our cars are HPI clear and on arrival, are valeted, fully inspected and checked by our local garage, who themselves have many years’ experience in the business and whose reputation goes before them.. We put great emphasis on the fact that we would not sell any car that we ourselves would not be happy to drive.

We welcome you to come along to view the cars we have available, in a comfortable, unhurried and unpressurised atmosphere. You can take your time to ask all your questions over a cup of coffee, inspect the cars inside and out, and take them for a drive to really get a feel for how they handle.

If you are looking for a car, but feel that you perhaps do not have a great deal of knowledge to allow you to make the right decision on what you buy, we will be delighted to listen to your general  requirements, and advise on particular vehicles that would be most suitable, practical and reliable for your needs. We will then begin a search to find you that car.

We firmly believe that understanding a person’s individual needs when making a vehicle purchase, is of utmost importance and we continually strive to providing an unmatched, excellent and caring service to all who visit our premises.

Why not come along and take a look. Even if we do not have your ideal car listed on our website, we will be happy to search for the car you have your heart set on and take away all the worry and stress of responding to newspaper adverts, visiting showrooms, driving miles to look at something that maybe does not on arrival, appear quite as advertised.  

Each of our vehicles is listed on our website with a comprehensive and honest description and multiple photos.

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